OpenSpeedMonitor is not actively developed anymore. Find more information in our README.

Monitor and Analyze your Web Performance

Free. Open Source. Based on WebPageTest.

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Continuously gather realistic data

Measure your application the way your customers experience it by simulating their journeys. Schedule and organize your measurements which will be executed by WebpageTest. Your own performance data repository will grow test by test.

Time Series Dashboard

Visualize. Analyze. Optimize.

Get a grip on your web performance. Manage the complexity of your data with aggregations and visualizations. Analyze your measurements using various charts and tools. Track the performance of your application over time with a wide variety of metrics. Even single performance breaking requests can be identified with Detail Analysis.

WebPageTest Result

Think from your customers' perspective

Customer Satisfaction Index combines the variety of your measurements into a single expressive KPI. It simply articulates what's most important: How satisfied your users are with your website's performance. Configure the calculation of the Customer Satisfaction Index to fit your business by defining the importance of specific pages in the journey, browsers and more.

Customer Satisfaction Index

Enhance your existing toolset

Raise awareness towards web performance in your organization by integrating into your toolset. Enrich existing monitoring systems by using Graphite support. CI/CD Integration helps you to find performance bugs before they hit your customers. Using another tool? The extensive REST API will fit your needs.